segregated education is partly responsible for that larg

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    segregated education is partly responsible for that large groups of Dutch completely past each life One does not know how the other half lives And I think that is not very desirableBut yes, the Dutch education is a store that focuses to the consumer - and who judges in a superficial way Meanwhile, we have become accustomed to this system Some teachers have a nice niche found where they can work well, many virtnext others are concerned with survival and stocking shelves, they have weak leaders who likes managers call and the government that this system wanted, hobbles a bit along with the issues of the day to secure xsistentie and to retain good highschool pupils lose large schools that ideal happy sight Parents who find their children more equal than other children acquire their sentence However, the latter is short-sighted If you want every student receives the education that suits him to a curriculum for

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